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Resumen biográfico In the case of neurodermatitis, the skin care with special products to maintain the natural barrier function, the avoidance of trigger factors and the treatment of allergies and infections are in the foreground. There may also be light or vitamin therapy, hair loss from seborrheic dermatitis systemic antihistamine treatments, as well as an abundance of alternative supplementary measures. In addition to the external application of various ointment preparations, psoriasis therapy includes the psychomental improvement of the patient situation (stress reduction) as well as a broad spectrum of bathing and light treatments, medication and alternative medical procedures.

Many of us care about a perfect exterior appearance. Naturally, our skin plays an important role. The dream of a makellosen skin is not easy for everyone to reach. Many different factors play a role, but also genetically, we are already in the cradle, whether we have rather dry or greasy skin. Correct skin care has to be chosen carefully. In our contribution to the facial care for women, we show how the best care of the face can be achieved by means of the means, but also the way of life.

Observe the external environmental conditions!

Even the everyday weather can have a great influence on the female skin. Extreme heat or even cold can strain the skin enormously treatment of seborrheic keratosis by drying and stretching. If it is particularly warm, you should either avoid such extreme weather conditions or use a suitable face care. The latter should, of course, be ideally suited to your own skin types.

    Temperature fluctuations, extreme heat or cold stress the skin
    Protection by avoiding strong weather fluctuations
    Alternative, additional protection by care products

Face care for women: the right care products

The range of face care products for women is now very large. In order to keep an overview in the large selection, one should first consider products which are suitable for their own skin type. Depending on whether your own skin tends to dryness or limes easier, different products are recommended.

In addition, there is no product on the market that covers all the needs of a healthy woman's skin. A combination of three to four care products is usually recommended to ensure effective care. The first product would be a so-called daily cream hair loss from seborrheic dermatitis. Mainly, these creams ensure that the skin remains moist throughout the day and thus retains its natural freshness. A good daily cream ensures a good moisturizing for six to twelve hours when applied once in the morning.