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Resumen biográfico As a supplement to this cream comes in most cases a night cream. By its application in the early evening, the skin regeneration is stimulated and supported. The natural cycle of the organism is exploited: During the night, during the night, not only the man but also his skin recuperates best shampoo for dermatitis. By special substances in the night cream the skin is stimulated ideally. These rich ingredients are not sufficient in the daily cream, so the use of this additional product is recommended.

In addition, an extra cream can be used for the sensitive skin around the eyes. Such special eye creams take care of the thin skin at the eye parts and provide additional moisture and minerals. Particularly from the thirtieth year the skin on the eyes becomes more quickly cracked or brittle.

A final additional product to beautify the female skin is the serum. These are, in principle, addons, which contain natural additives, so that extremely stressed or stressed skin can regenerate faster. Especially in the case of skin, which is exposed to strong heat differences or stressed by a lot of stress, the use of a serum makes sense. But even an unhealthy lifestyle or sleep deficit can be partially concealed.

 For all these products is not true: a high price is equivalent to higher quality. Rather, there are also very good low-cost products, which can achieve very good results. However, care must always be taken to ensure that the respective cream is matched to your own skin types treatment of seborrheic dermatitis. Fragrances, dyes or other incompatible ingredients should also be avoided, especially in sensitive skin. It is important that the products are new during use and do not expire or open too long.

Care products - At a glance!

    Many products on the market
    Adaptation to own skin types necessary
    Combination of three to four products depending on the type of skin sensible
    Day Cream: Provides the skin with necessary moisture
    Night Cream: Helps to regenerate the skin during the rest period
    Eye Cream: Supported the sensitive skin around the eyes
    Serum: Complements skin care with natural additives
    Observe the expiry date
    Avoid unnecessary fragrance, color and additives

Supplement: diet and lifestyle

In order to improve the use and the effect of the aforementioned creams, a healthy lifestyle is recommended. On the one hand, daily exercise or sport help, but also the diet is of great importance for a healthy woman's skin. By absorbing many vitamins and antioxidants, the metabolism improves significantly and the skin image is also significantly improved.

Of course, the renouncement of drugs of any kind, nicotine and alcohol is in any case a benefit for the skin. One of the most famous and simplest beauty tips has always been: Drink a lot! Only by at least 1.5 liters of water a day is the water added to the skin. Also against external influences the skin should be well protected cure seborrheic dermatitis. Here the sensitive use of sun protection helps with sensitive skin. Even in the winter should not be waived. It is still better to avoid strake temperature fluctuations.